flyback driver using D718 High Arcs

                         How to make flyback driver using D718 transister


What is Flyback TV Transformer

flyback transformer ( FBT ) is special type of electrical transformer, also called line 
output transformer ( LOPT ).
It was originally designed to generate the high voltage sawtooth signals at relatively high   frequency.
It is widely used in modern applications in power supplies with switched mode for both low (3 V) and high voltage (over 10 kV) supplies

the flyback  transformer can produces a high voltages in its Secondary Coil. High-voltage  rectifiers are utilized with the flyback transformer to produce a high voltage.

A Flyback Transformer can generate Huge amount of Voltages in DC Current 
Arcs are produce Because High Voltages more then 10 thousands of voltes

Flyback TV Transformer Driver Circuit  ARCS

See the DANGEROUS High Voltage ARCS Be Carefull Voltages may 15-30Kvs

How to Make Step by Step Guide

Components List

D718 Transister

Pin 1     2      3

Base  Collector Emittor

220 ohms Resister

Attach D718 transister to Heatsink

Transister Hot So Heatsink is Required

Cover flyback Ferrite with Paper or any sheet
this step is Required 

Covered flyback ferrite core

Wind coil On flyback ferrite Core with 1mm Copper Wire

Wind 2 coils So take the centor of copper wire

Wind First Coil to flyback ferrite core

Wind 4 to 7 turns

Wind second Coil with same turns

Like Circuit Diagram 5-0-5 turns Coil 0 is centor of coil

Coil Wires Attach these 2 wires to Transister D718
Use 2 coil wires like attach one on Base with 1 killo ohms Resister and second Coil Wire to Transister Collector Pin

Attach Like This Resister on Transister D718 Base Pin And 2nd side of Resister to coil Wire

Attach Input - negative terminal wire to Transister third Pin Emittor

Attach Input Positive + terminal to Coils Centor point 0

input wire like this

Attach 3.7volts 2600mah battery to circuit



PUT THE Flyback Transformer CAP WIRE NEAR THE Flyback Transformer Down Side PINS

Arcs Sound is Amazing

Easy Circut Diagram

Amazing fact of Flyback Tv Transformer Arcs

it can glow Cfl tube lights Touch any cfl tube light input current Pin to Flyback cap or down side pin Cfl glow

or touch on cfl mirror 


Flyback Arcs Easily damage your mobile phone or any Electronics Appliances like Multimeter Calculator etc Please do not touch any thing to flyback Arcs

Component list

1.  Flyback transformer from old tv Board
2.  D718 Transister ( This is good Amplifier Transister)
3.  220  ohm  Resister ( you can also use 220 to 470 ohms resister)
4.  1mm copper wire   ( Also use 0.5 mm need more turns winding)
5.  3.7volt 2500mah battery ( Also use 5 volt 2 amp Charger)

Warning :  High voltage can kill you try at your risk 

Safety: Use hand Gloves 

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