D2395 transister powerfull amplifier circuit

How to make powerfull amplifier circut using D2395

What is Amplifier

An audio power amplifier is an electronic amplifier that amplifies a low power electronic audio signals such as the radio receiver signal or mobile headphone jack Signals to High power signals for drive Speakers etc.

Transister D2395

Silicon NPN Power Transistor Good power so i use it for Amplifier Pinouts

Circut diagram

You Can also use 3.7volt lion battery . If not have 3.7volt Battery Simply Use Two 1.5volt

Batteries In series . This circuit is too Simple you can also add Volume Controller in this Circuit.

Simply Connect Pot ( Potential meter) Joint Pot Pin 1 and 2 

 and joint pin 1&2 to Audio Cable LR (Left&Right)  pin and 3 number pin of pot to Capacitor - pin.


Component list
1. D2395 transistor       (you can find it from Tv , radio or old amplifiers Boards etc)
2. 1k resister                 ( if you not have 1k resister you can also use 2k or 2.2k)
3. 8 ohm speaker          ( also use 4 ohms or any speaker)
4. 220uf capacitor         ( you can also use 470uf capacitor volts doesn,t matter  )
5. 3volt battery              ( 3volt are good you can also use 5volts)
6. Audio in cable           ( Audio in cable you can use any handfree cable)

This diagram helps you to find Audio in cable pinouts

If transistor is too much heating decrease your input current and Mount Heat sink on your Transistor

Its single Channel mono audio amplifier good for home use for mobile Tv or Laptop etc

Great performance Amplifier circuit

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Thanks for all


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