How to make joule thief using c9014 transistor

        HOW     TO     MAKE    JOULE   THIEF   USING    C9014  or S9014  TRANSISTOR



What is joule Thief


A voltage booster circuit that transforms a constant low voltage input
into a higher voltage periodic output is the Joule Thief Circuit.
Lighting an LED with an almost dead AA
battery can most commonly be seen on this circuit.
The voltage peaks occur quickly, causing the
LED to flash at a very faster rate.  


Easy Way to make Joule thief 

Step by Step

Circuit  Diagram

Youtube Vedio for full detail

Component  list

1   C9014   Transistor or Any ( c1815 , C945 Must Check Transistors Pinouts)
2   Resistor 1killo ohm
3   Teriod from CFL
4   Copper wire 0.3mm 2 PC's
5   Smd 3volt led or any 3volt led
6   1.5 volt battery .

First step winding the  teriod

1    You need  a  0.3mm copper wire for winding teriod
2    20-0-20 turns winding
3    take the two same size copper wire

4     Joint two copper wires

5        START  winding 1st coil of 20 turns

6         Start winding  2nd  coil of  20 turns
7          Wind  Like this

      NOW Start circuit

1   attach 1 kilo ohm  resister to transister base
2    attach  coil  wire to resister

3    attach  second  coil wire to transistor  Collector point
4   attach SMD 3volt led  postive + wire  to  transistor collector
     And  negative - wire  to  transistor emitter point

5   Attach input  wire  negative -  to  transistor  emitter point
6  Attach input wire positive +  to coils center point

Circuit done

Attach  1.5 volt  battery to input points

See the light  Full bright on 1.5 volt battery

You can use any 3volt led

This circuit 100 percent Working . If not Work Please Check the Circuit Diagram. Some Time Circuit Not Work Because of Wrong Winding of teriod .

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