Smd Soldering with halogen car bulb

                                       Smd Soldering with halogen car bulb


Components list
1. Car halogen bulb 12volt 100w
2. Adjustable power supply
3. soldring iron body 

Smd Soldering with halogen car bulb you can easily desolder smd components like ICs smd transisters,Smd leds etc

Simply give 12 volt 10Amp input source to Halogen bulb

Watch my Youtube vedio

Halogen Bulb heat can melt solder and used for smd components
But Its Take some Time to melt Solder  Because Heat is not Enough

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  1. If you choose to solder your components together a common plumbing solder containing 95% Tin 5% Antimony will do the job just fine. You can also use Lincon Electric Solder Stay-Bright Kit With Flux that is 95% Tin and 5% Silver for better results. Comparison of Soldering Gun vs Soldering Iron

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