How to make joule theif Without winding Using Choke coil C1815 transister

How to make joule theif without Winding using Choke Coil C1815 Transister

What is Joule theif

joule thief is minimalist self -oscillating voltage booster that is too small, low in cost, and easy to make , Good for drive small loads. Other names of joule theif are like blocking oscillator, joule ringer, vampire torch also know this circut
It can use almost all the energy in a single - cell electric battery, even far below the voltage where other circuits consider the battery to be completely discharged (or "dead") ; hence the name suggesting the notion that the circuit steals energy or "joules" from the source - the term is a pun on the age - old phrase "jewel thief."
The circuit is an unregulated voltage boost converter variant of the blocking oscillator.
 The output voltage is increased at the expense of higher current draw at the input, but the  output's integrated (average) current is reduced and luminescence's brightness is reduced.


Components list

1.  C1815 Transister        ( you can also use another NPN Transister)

2.  Choke coil Transformer from tv Board
These all works

choke coil has 4 pins and 2 coils 2 pins for each coil You can see the structure in circuit diagram

3.  Led 3 Volt any Colour

4.  1.5volt Battery

How To Make Step by Step

its Simple Circuit Diagram 

This tv circuit Board You can Find this Choke Coil from TV Board

Disolder Carefully

Choke coil has 4 Pin 2 Coils

Structure of Choke Coil 
2 coils 4 Pins

join 2 Coils Like this

Join Coils like this Solder 1-4 pin or  2-3 its depend on choke coil direction

attach transister C1815 collector pin to choke coil pin 4

Like This Attach transister C1815 Collector pin to Choke Coil See the Transister Pins carefully 
E   C   B

Attach the 1 Killo ohms Resister Colour Code
 Brown Black RED GOLD

Attach Resister 1 side to Transister B and choke coil pin 1

Attach like Diagram

Know Attach 3 volt Blue or Any Colour LED

I Chose Blue

Orange Wire + Terminal of Led
White Wire - Terminal of Led

Attach Led + Postive Terminal to Transister C1815 Collecter  C   And Negative Terminal to Transister Emittor   E

Attach Input Wires

+ Terminal to 3-2 pin its your choice 3 or 2 pin
- Terminal to Transister C1815 Emittor  E

Attach 1.5 Volt Battery to input Terminals

See 3 volt Led light Glow Perfect on 1.5 volt Battery


  1. Joule theif is good for only leds because its increase voltages and output voltages are high and amperes are to low . We can not use joule theif for dc mottors or etc.
  2. Joule theif also run on weak 1.5 volts good performance.
  3. joule theif is nice option to use power of unusable batteries you can also use this circuits on dead batteries mean not fully dead . Too much small current not usable for circuits .

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