12V Transformer to 12-0-12 Volt Power Supply | Voltage Doubler

 12V Transformer to 12-0-12 Volt Power Supply | Voltage Doubler 


What is the voltage doubler or tripler?

 A voltage multiplier produces a (DC) multiple (2, 3, 4, etc times) With the AC peak input voltage. The Some basic multipliers is a half-wave doubler. Double is full-wave is a superior circuit as a doubler. A tripler is a half-wave doubler and a conventional rectifier stage (as a peak detector). 


 Hi friends in This article We Learn how to Make 12-0-12 Volt Power Supply Using 2 Wire Single 12Volt Transformer. This Circuit Also Known As Voltage Doubler , Voltage Multiplier etc. This Circuit is Also Use as 12 V to 24 Volt Step Up Booster. In this article We Make easy circuit with few Components Only.

 Components list

1: 12 Volt Transformer

2: Diode 1n4007 2pc,s

3: Capacitor 4700uf 25volt

 ( You can use 2200uf to 3500uf also) 


Friends Circuit is too easy Just Follow the Diagram





 What is a typical 12-0-12 transformer

12-0-12 Transformer is Center tapped transformer named as 12–0-12 because of the outputs potentials of the 3 terminals.  Here we can take the center terminal as the reference point with 0 voltage and T1 is of 12 and T2 is of -12 V.

See the Diagram . With 12-0-12 Transformer Power Supply We Can Get Two sections of 12Volts. We also use as 24 Volt Power Supply instead of 12V. 

EasyCircuit for 12-0-12 Transformer DC power Supply

What is main different in 12Volt transformer and 12-0-12 Transformer?


12Volt Transformer is only for Single 12Volt have 2Terminal or Wires  . And 12-0-12 Transformer for a double 12Volts. Have 3 Terminals or Wires





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